Blue Days

What the hell is wrong with me? I don’t have time to just lie around, there’s things to do! I shouldn’t be wasting my life like this, if everybody else is out there feeling tired but yet still living a normal life, why aren’t I? I wonder who else out there has thoughts similar to […]


Commitment. There’s something scary about this word, you see, what’s important is not the word itself but the meaning behind it. Commitment involves action, a decision you make each and every day to do what you promised you would do. It involves accountability, doing whatever is necessary to work through challenges, rather than running away […]


Have you ever reflected on how much your life has changed? Every experience, every moment has led to where you are now. And if things were different in any way, then you wouldn’t be the person you are. I am a strong believer that everything that happens in our lives comes with a lesson- In […]

Dear Introvert, You Are Not Alone

Introvert. Finally a description of who I am, an identity, permission to pull off that label, ‘Weird’ and to embrace the freedom to be. Was it possible that I no longer had to stand in the shadows? Could an introvert really make an impact in a world of chaos? An introvert who dares to step […]

Switch Off

Have you noticed how all consuming technology has become? I believe it’s a real problem now, not so much the technology itself but what we humans have turned it into. Let’s face it, technology is addictive, we have to have it. How else will we connect with the world? How else will businesses thrive? But […]


A broken heart has to be one of the most painful experiences, the intensity of pain will differ depending on how serious your relationship was and how the relationship ended. Your whole world, everything that was familiar and comfortable is suddenly taken away, and you have no control over what is happening. You can imagine […]